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Agit Prog comprises a turnkey on-demand programming solution providing specialized advice and negotiation for documentary films. 

Our work involves liaising between rights holders and any type of entity that wishes to organize one or more screenings.

The hosting venues can then market to their audiences and set the box-office arrangements and prices, on which no commission will be imposed.

We seek out, advise and negotiate the rights of documentaries from international film festivals in order to enable all film-viewing publics to have year-round access to original works from across the globe that can stimulate discussions.

Altogether, Agit Prog, the host venues and the viewing publics, enable hundreds of committed films to have a second life in this alternative yet theatrical-like circuit.

There these films can be screened and received as part of dedicated events in settings that are best suited to them in terms of content and form.


You’re a film programmer for a community-based cinema, university, cine-club, museum or any other dedicated venue and wish to offer a different kind of cinema?

Let us advise you!


You’d like to organize film screenings in your bar, coffee shop, restaurant or any other non-dedicated venue but don’t know where to start?

Let us help you!


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