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Agit Prog is the 1rst programming-on-demand platform for movie theaters and screening venues located in France.

Titles that we promote have been picked in well-known international film festivals where their very unique standpoints have earned selections and/or awards. They have never been shown to the French audience thereafter: films made without any commercial determination are very unlikely to find their way to your nearby cinema.

In order for the audience to experience a different cinematographic taste and tone, and for the screening venues to be in capacity to diversify their offer without sacrificing their business, Agit Prog has pre-negociated with the right-holders a single, competitive fee (150 € VAT) for a one-time theatrical screening that applies for any film of our collection, regardless of the tickets’ sales.

A corresponding professional-restricted access was especially set up so that full videos, tech specs and recommendations can be shared and bookings can be requested.

Our ultimate goal is to help outstanding yet uncalibrated films to be seen theatrically within the framework of a realistic business model, to develop an alternative cinematographic offer to supplement the mainstream distribution and to create an innovating way of programming films, both in practice and content, thanks to a dedicated tool.



BEAUVOIR is a 100% women-driven film collection.

In the footsteps of the late Simone de Beauvoir, worldwide acclaimed French writer, political leader, philosopher and feminist, get acquainted with talented women directors’ stories and work and change your perspectives!


You’re located in France? You’re a film programmer for a cinema, cine-club, museum or any venue equipped with a DCP projector?

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